About Us

Who We Are


Axstarz is an innovative company which works in association with EMRAS and other established ambulance service providers, to provide ambulance services to members contracted to it within Zimbabwe, under the collective name of Ambulance Emergency Cover (AEC).

This encompasses offering ambulances, pre-hospital care and vehicle towing service to vehicle owners, pensioners, tourists, scholars, teachers and lecturers, corporates, clubs, churches, social gatherings and events. Axstarz has partnered with emergency medical service providers to provide a prompt and efficient emergency medical service to its members.

Axstarz is currently working on the establishment of a 24 hour call centre with the emergency number 511. The call centre will be accessible across all network providers and will connect Axstarz members and ambulance service providers.

In addition, Axstarz maintains a database of member information which allows it to provide necessary information to service providers and to carry out pre-identification in the event of an accident.

The need for AEC

Axstarz AEC products are the first of their kind in Zimbabwe. Cover is offered at affordable rates so that ambulance emergency care is accessible to all, with no waiting periods.

AEC products cover members regardless of the existence, or lack thereof, of medical aid. Apart from the subscription payable, all services are offered at no additional cost to the Member.

AEC ensures that emergency medical services are paid for on time or in advance, reducing risk of default by patients. This will help capacitate ambulance service providers by reducing administrative and financial concerns, allowing service providers to focus on the efficient running of their core business.

Axstarz manages administrative duties for its service providers in the processing of claims. In emergency situations, it facilitates efficient information exchange between the Member and service providers through its call centre and database. This ensures effective, quality service provision.

Axstarz also assists its Members in creating disaster preparedness strategies.


To provide efficient, affordable, accessible ambulance emergency and pre-hospital care for all.


Committed team workers creating innovative lifesaving solutions for emergencies through the provision of ambulance emergency and pre-hospital care cover throughout the nation.


• Integrity
• Innovation
• Equality
• Empathy
• Commitment.